Thursday, August 13, 2015

What Could Possibly Get To Trump Supporters?

After Thursday’s debate and aftermath, with the Donald loving on Scottish healthcare and ripping on that darned cute Megyn Kelly, it’s hard to imagine what the man could say that would make a dent in his approval ratings. But there must be something. Would any of these ten things Donald Trump might say or do dim the affection of his followers?
10) “If elected, I’m bringing back New Coke.”
9) “You know, Al Frankin really had a point about Rush Limbaugh.”
8) He shaves his head to make room for a smiley face tattoo.
7) “If elected, I’m carving over those Presidents on Mt. Rushmore to honor the stars of that new Fantastic Four movie.”
6) Going commando in the next debate.
5) Dating Honey B00-Boo.
4) Asks Bill Cosby to be his vice president.
3) “You know, I was wrong about Political Correctness. PC is awesome and if you disagree you’re racist.”
2) Kisses Jeb! full on the lips.
1) Telephones every supporter and says, “Your mother is a tramp”. (Though you know they would probably brag about it on Twitter and Facebook.)
Would anything work?

Where Did I Go?

It's an odd thing with blogs. They sometimes just fade away. I had a satirical movie blog I haven't written on for years.  Because Mindy and I have been doing our "Go To Church" blog and I've been doing my "Movie Churches" blog, I haven't had time to write here.
So blog will probably fade away in time. But I'll still post here occasionally when something just doesn't have another place go. And it probably won't be read. But that's okay. Because historians will enjoy these posts, I'm sure.
And I'll also post today something I posted at Ricochet.