Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Family President's Day Letter

Just thought I'd share the family newsletter with you all (if there is anyone out there):

The Andersons’ Presidents’ Day Letter

It’s that time of year again.

People are always asking, “When is that fabulous Andersons’ Presidents’ Day letter coming out again?” Well, as a matter of fact, it’s coming out near Presidents’ Day!

People also ask, “Are you again going to make comparisons between individual presidents and individual members of the Anderson family?” Of course! It wouldn’t be the Andersons’ Presidents’ Day letter without it!

So with no further ado:
This year, Dean believes he was most like Chester A. Arthur. The similarities are uncanny. Arthur’s middle name is Alan, as is Dean’s. Though Dean’s is spelled with an ‘e’ and an extra ‘l’. Arthur was a champion of civil service reform. Dean is usually civil.
In 1884, the International Meridian Conference was held in Washington at President Arthur's behest; this established the Greenwich Meridian which is still in use today. Dean this year went to a writer’s conference. Arthur wrote a series of children’s books featuring a vole veterinarian. Dean has written a series of children’s books, the latest of which, Attack of the Mutant Fruit and Quest for the Temple of Truth, were released last year, which feature a warthog detective. They both have cool ‘staches.

Mindy finds herself to be most like John Tyler, dubbed “His Accidency” when he became President upon the death of William Henry Harrison. Mindy has, this year, repeatedly found herself, quite by accident, with jobs she never expected to have. Somehow she’s become poultry group leader in Jill’s 4-H club, temporary Sunday School superintendent, honorary member of the Creative Services department as well as (officially) receptionist and mailroom officiant at Jackson Family Enterprises and occasional driver of a minivan. How did this happen? Like Tyler, she may never quite know.

Bret find himself, as he graduates high school, most like President Lex Luthor. Like President Luthor, he would, if possible, place Sgt. Frank Rock in charge of the joint chiefs of staff for his valiant service in WW2, destroying more Nazi tanks with his bare hands or a well placed grenade than several whole divisions. That kind of dedication should be rewarded. He also would use his position of power to obtain alien power suits if available. Bret would like one too. Still, crushing Superman would be a much lower priority for him.

Paige has decided that she is most akin William Jennings Bryant. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Bryant ran for the presidency three times but never won. Likewise, Paige has run for various offices since the 3rd grade, but has never won. Most recently she ran an unsuccessful campaign for her high school’s Publicity Director using such slogans as “Geeks of HHS unite!”. She plans on running again this year, this time as a sophomore. Until then, she is enjoying about learning about people like Bryant in AP World History, and hearing from colleges like Illinois State where Bryant attended.

Jill feels she is much like Martin Van Buren because he was fashionable, and Jill wants to be an apparel designer. He was 5’ 6,” and while Jill is 5ft something and shorter than him, she is now taller than Mindy. She is 13 (at one point Martin Van Buren was 13 too) and in 8th grade. Last year she sat around waiting for something to happen.

So a Happy President’s Day to all! We hope God blesses you greatly in the year to come.


Dean, Mindy, Bret, Paige and Jill

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