Monday, November 3, 2008

Integrity Quiz

Yeah, it's been hard not to bad mouth the integrity of politicians this time of year (especially those in the other party), but how's your integrity?
How honest are you? Take the test to see.

1) The grocery store clerk overpays you $10 in change. You:
a) Return the money
b) Put the money in the charity jar
c) Congratulate yourself distracting the clerk into a mistake

2) A friend’s older sister wrote an ‘A’ paper on a book you need to write about in English. You:
a) Change the name, date and class period and turn in everything else as is
b) Say thanks, no thanks and don’t even look at the paper
c) Look at the paper for ideas

3) Your bank credits your account with an additional $5000. You:
a) Just wait to see if they notice the error.
b) Withdraw everything, close your account and open an account in another bank
c) Notify the bank about the error.

4) A friend takes a test in a class in the morning that you will take in the afternoon.
a) Tell your friend you don’t want to hear about it.
b) Get the answers, write them on a piece of paper you can roll into the inside of your pen.
c) Ask your friend for an idea of what areas in particular you should study.

5) At an arcade, you notice a game giving free games. You:
a) Notify the management.
b) Play a few games free.
c) Tell someone else, you already put money in the machine but you’ll sell the games for half price.

6) The teacher left answers on the chalk board. As you take the test, you:
a) Don’t mention it.
b) Tattle.
c) Fake a coughing fit at the end of the test, so a friend can erase the board, increasing the chances the teacher won’t notice.

7) You find a wallet. You:
a) Look up the owner and personally return it.
b) Take out the money out and drop the wallet where you found it.
c) Drop off the wallet at the nearest lost and found.

8) You make plans to spend an evening with someone who can be a bit dull, but then get an invite from someone you like much better. You:
a) Tell the dull friend you’re sick and go with the fun person.
b) Tell the dull friend you’d rather to something with your other friend.
c) Stick with your first commitment.

9) You exchange quizzes in class for grading. You trade papers with a friend, who says she’ll grade you easy, if you grade her easy. You:
a) Tell her you can’t do that.
b) Agree to the deal.
c) Mark her answers wrong, but let her correct yours.

10) You are taking a test about your integrity. You:
a) Look at the key at the bottom, to find the ‘honest’ answers.
b) Follow the test rules precisely.
c) Copy your answers from a neighbor’s paper.

Each answer will give you 0, 1 or 2 points.
1) a-2, b-1, c-0 2) a-0, b-2, c-1 3) a-1, b-0, c-2 4) a-2, b-0, c-1 5) a-2, b-1, c-0
6) a-1, b-2, c-0 7) a-2, b-0, c-1 8) a-0, b-1, c-2 9) a-2, b-1, c-0 10) a-1, b-2, c-0
Total your numbers.

Score of 20 – Are you even human?
16 – 19 – Honest Abe Lincoln had nothing on you.
11- 15 – I don’t think I want you as my accountant.
6 – 10 – Come on, admit it. You cheated on this test.
1 – 5 – Do your friends count the change in their piggy bank after you leave the room?
0 – Why aren’t you in jail already?

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