Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fair Entry

To get in to the fair this year, most Andersons entered something. The fair cost $9 and the entry fee was $2. Since I got a $2 prize, it was free. (Paige also entered a poem and got a 3rd with a $2 check. Jill's graphic arts entry got 1st & Best in Section for a $5 check. Mindy's doll should have got better than a 4th Place with no check. But her project will at least make a decent present for someone.)

So here is what got me in the fair:


Great are the splendors of Sonoma County

Rarely can those splendors be adequately described

Among those who attempt to do, are poets

Poetry though, is not my forte

Earning free fair entry is enough for me

Sonoma County will need to look elsewhere for someone adequate to panegyrize

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