Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Random Top Ten List

Commercially Produced Candy

Not the best, just what I like.

1) BUTTERFINGERS - This will not be the only chocolate/peanut butter candy on the list, I love that stuff. Tastes the best and has an interesting texture. If the chocolate is pealed away, it is sort of like a wood chip, splintering in the same way. Love these.

2) PIXIE STICKS - Really just artifically colored and flavored sugar in paper straw containers. What's wrong with that?

3) GOOD AND PLENTIES - You have to love black licorice, and I do. Plus, "Choo-choo Charlie was engineer" will never leave my head.

4) JUNIOR MINTS - Second only in the world of mints to Girl Scout Cookies, but they're, you know, cookies. Fun to smash between your fingers as well. (Honorary nod to Peppermint Patties.)

5) PEZ - Okay, the candy doesn't case that great, but it's alright. But the toy dispencers rule. The little heads of everything from Little Orphan Annie to Han Solo, from Tigger to Bilbo Baggins. Even featured in a classic Seinfeld episode (as many fine candies have been.)

6) REESE'S (CUP & PIECES) - Gotta love the classic PB & C match-up in the little paper wrapper, but ET and Elliot's brand can not be forgotten either.

7) FLICKS - The little chocolate candies from Ghiradellis that just make the list because I used to get rolls of these at the movies. Big nostalgia points.

8) MILK DUDS - The carmel chewiness just kills the teeth. But it is tasty and is fine theater food as well.

9) MILKY WAY - Boy, the milk candy just pulls it out at the end here. These are especially good straight from the freezer. (This spot almost went to THREE MUSKETEERS which are also excellent freezer candy.)

10) EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS - If it's good enough for Willy Wonka, it's good enough for me.

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