Wednesday, July 4, 2012


(This skit was published by Lifeways, over ten years ago, so I'm hoping they won't get to hyper about the copyright.) Cast: The Smith Family (Bill, the father; Betty, the mother; Katie, the daughter and Ingmar, a foreign exchange student) The Jones Family (Joe, the father; Judy, the mother and Fred, the son) xxxxxxxxxx Setting: two families with picnic baskets and coolers, all dressed for picnic, though exchange student may be oddly dressed xxxxxxxxx BILL: Hey Joe! Happy Fireworks Day! xxxxxxxxx JOE: Happy Fireworks Day right back at you! xxxxxxxxx (Everyone wishes everyone else a “Happy Fireworks Day!”) xxxxxxxxx KATIE: Joe, Judy, Fred, I’d like to introduce you to our new foreign exchange student, Ingmar. xxxxxxxxxxx (Jones all greet Ingmar, “Good to meet you”, “Welcome to our country”, etc.) xxxxxxxxxxx BETTY: It’s wonderful that you could get together with us for this Fireworks Day Picnic. Ingmar, being from a foreign country, has never celebrated Fireworks Day, so maybe you could help us explain to him what it’s all about. xxxxxxxxxx JOE: Well, first of all, the important thing about Fireworks Day, is that you get the day off work. xxxxxxxxxxx FRED: And I get out of stupid summer school. xxxxxxxxxxx JUDY: If you had done your math homework like I told you, you wouldn’t need to be in summer school. xxxxxxxxxxx BILL: But Fireworks Day is much more than about getting our school and work. For instance, there are all the great traditions. xxxxxxxxxxx JUDY: Yes, every year we get together with friends and family and have a big picnic, because holidays are all about family. xxxxxxxxxxx FRED: Don’t listen to them, Ingmar. The really cool thing about Fireworks Day is the fireworks. You’ve got to love the explosions and noise. Really loud noise! xxxxxxxxxxx KATIE: And when you watch the fireworks, you have to sit there and say, “Ohhhhh”, then “Ahhhhhhhh” and then “Ohhhhhhh” again. xxxxxxxxxxxx INGMAR: I must admit, I am confused. In my school back home, we learned about this day, July 4, and that it was called Independence Day. And that today was the day when you celebrated the beginnings of your nation. That today you took time to remember your freedom and liberty and those who made great sacrifices to obtain it. xxxxxxxxxx KATIE: Yeah, I hear that’s what we used to do. But it’s boring to spend time on that history stuff. xxxxxxxxxx BILL: And some people have different opinions on freedom, liberty and all that stuff. xxxxxxxxxx JOE: And nothing brings down a holiday like politics. xxxxxxxxxxx JUDY: Except maybe religion. xxxxxxxxxxx BETTY: That reminds me of something I’m looking forward to. This year we can show Ingmar how we celebrate all of our holidays, like Turkey Day and Bunny Day and even my favorite holiday. xxxxxxxxxxx INGMAR: What holiday would that be? xxxxxxxxxxx BETTY: Why Presents Under the Tree Day, of course.

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