Friday, September 28, 2012

"The Brady Bunch in The New York Mystery" Chapter 2

1) PLOT SYNOPSIS: The Bradys begin to pack for the trip for New York, though Mike only told them about the trip the night before. Peter continues to play with his camera though he has no film. A man named "Mr. Mason" calls while Mike is out to ask how the plans are coming for the Pacific Equitable Bank; Mike has not heard of the man. Jan uses binoculars to watch two men across the street who seem to be watching the house. The family goes out for Chinese food for dinner, and return to find that the house has been ransacked...... 2) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Jan admits she had an overactive imagination. Only Greg and Bobby are adventurous enough to use chop sticks (and Bobby makes a mess.) Carol wonders how Alice will react to the news that they will be staying in a house with a housekeeper (Mrs. Crump), that doesn't allow others in the kitchen...... 3) RELEVANT CULTURAL ISSUES: Woman's Lib kickback - Greg thinks "Sisters are expected to be kind of wacky" and "Women are funny sometimes." ETHNIC SENSITIVITY Alice says "I love Chinese food, I used to eat it all the time when I was dating this fellow. Trouble is after our first date, I wanted another one."...... 4) HIP SLANG: "Weirdo" (Marcia), "Holy Moley!" (Greg)....... 5) CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL REFERENCES: Frankenstein and Dracula....... 6) FAVORITE PASSAGE: "None of the Brady Bunch had to be reminded they were one big happy family. There were the usual teasings, the quarrels that happen in any family, the differences in opinion sometimes - but when it got down to the nitty-gritty, the kids were the six musketeers, with all for one and one for all."

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