Monday, June 24, 2013

About the novel "Joyland" by Stephen King

The cover of this "Hard Case Crime Novel" is a con, but that's okay. Because it's about an amusement park and the carnies, so a con is not out of place. Though it looks like a hard boiled thriller by Donald Westlake (who the book is dedicated to), it is really much closer to the film "Adventureland" with Jesse Eisenberg than Mickey Spillane. It's firstly a coming of age novel with a touch of crime and the supernatural. It is a fun read. (But why the stupid political cheap shot toward the end? Dick Cheney did much more good for the world than you ever will, Mr. King. Any surveillance he authorized was to keep the country safe, unlike the current administration which seems to do so to get even with political enemies and cover their own behinds. Why even bring politics into a silly little carny thriller?)

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Brian Schwartz said...

I'm glad you pointed this out about Dick Cheney. I pointed it out in my review of the book and King's fans from his Facebook fan page (where I post announcements of my reviews) excoriated me.

Whatever good or bad Dick Cheney did, it is really foul for King to express sorrow that the man got a heart transplant and lived. Makes me think a lot less of him as a person.