Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Full Padding of God (a skit)

(Skit published by Lifeways in their National Drama Service, Spring 2001 Edition)

Scripture - Ephesians 6

Props: TV monitor or projection TV and video of "NFL's Greatest Hits" or effect can be achieved by actors watching imaginary screen, listening and reacting)

Cast: Reporter (Blair Smith) and Player (Bo Masher)

Reporter: This is Blair Smith here on the sidelines with Bo Masher, moments before he goes on the field for perhaps the biggest bowl game of his life. So I need to ask you, Bo, how do you feel?

Bo: Hey, I feel great! I'm ready to g out and give it my all, 130%. I'm going to play my game, stay within myself, and we're going to work as a team, it's ours to win or lose.

Reporter: That's great, Bo. I couldn't help but notice that you aren't wearing any football gear, besides the jersey. Were you planning to dress during the National Anthem?

Bo: No, Blair, I think I can play more freely if I'm not wearing all those pads. I'll be able to cut, turn, and jibe more easily. So, no one will hit me, so I won't need the pads.

Reporter: And the reason you have no cleats?

Bo: I have an endorsement deal with Basset Hound shoes to promote these very fine dress shoes: so comfortable, so fashionable, and yet so sturdy, you can wear them to the supermarket, down the wedding aisle, or even on the football field. Basset Hound Shoes.

Reporter: And the reason for no helmet?

Bo: I need to see, and people need to see me. When I wore that helmet, people couldn't see the face of Bo Masher. They couldn't tell me from Barry Sanders (insert relevant name here.) But now people will see the face of Bo Masher, and know who is doing that magic on the field.

Reporter: One last thing, Bo. Can you look at the monitor to remind yourself of exactly what happens on the football field? (Thirty seconds of carnage on the screen.) Aren't you a little frightened Bo of going on the field with all that violence without the protection of cleats, pads and your helmet.

Bo: Nah, I'll be fine.

(Bo leaves the stage. Sound of a whistle and football play. Bo comes back to center stage on crutches.)

Reporter: Any regrets, Bo?

Bo: Yeah, maybe I do need some of that gear. I got to know my limitations. And you know what else? While I was talking to you, I missed the team prayer. But I got to go. I don't feel so good.

Reporter: Thanks, Bo. We'll be returning to the action now. But remember, these sideline interviews are brought to you by Ephesians 6 Wear. Don't leave home without it.

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