Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Instead of Reviewing Media, I'm Reviewing Life: Top Ten Moments of 2014

10) Posting the first church review on our DeanandMindyGoToChurch blog, beginning our adventure for the next couple of years.

9) Cheering an Oakland A's win over the Mariners when it still looked like there might be a chance for them to accomplish something with the year.

8) Puzzling with my friend, Eric Edmund, in a Thessalonians Bible study over what work is worthy.

7) Watching a 49ers playoff game as our greatly missed friend, Sue Hufford, tried to find the luckiest place to stand in the room to benefit the Niners.

6) Lighting sparklers in a parking lot with my wife Mindy, son Bret and daughter Jill.

5) Standing under the trees for a reunion picture with some of my Piner High Classmates.

4) Praying with thanks during the celebration of my nephew Jordan's 1st anniversary party of his brain surgery.

3) At standing on a bridge at my brother's Sierra Endangered Cat Haven, to join my mother's ashes with my father's.

2) I went with my daughter Jill to see the SciFy Channels presentation of "The Birds" in the park and so for a moment you could turn in one direction and see the Golden Gate Bridge on the screen and turn to see the Brooklyn Bridge in the flesh (in the steel?)

1) I had the privilege of praying at my daughter Paige's wedding (to the very excellent Grant Lowe) and appreciated the laughter when their shared love of Spiderman was acknowledged.

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