Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Skit

Characters: Father, Mother, Jane, Brother, Sister, Uncle Joshua

Setting: Home, living room

Props: Door, phone

(Phone rings and Jane answers)

Jane: Hello.. Oh, Uncle Joshua! How are you? You’re in town? You’re coming over? Yeah, everyone is here. So you want me to tell everyone you’re coming. OK. See you in a bit.

(Mother enters, putting on jacket)

Jane: Hi mom! You won’t guess who just called.

Mother: No, I won’t guess, I don’t have time. I need to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients for my Christmas strudel.

Jane: I love you Christmas strudel. Will it have the berries on top?

Mother: Of course it will have the berries on top. I have to go. Don’t get in the cookie dough. Bye, Janie.

(Mom exits as sister enters.)

Jane: Bye, Mom. Hi, Sis.

Sister: Hey Jane, could you tell dad I went with Joey to see the lights on Christmas Tree Lane.

Jane: You know he doesn’t want you to drive with Joey.

Sister: Duh, like, why do you think I have you telling him, instead of telling him myself? Later.

Jane: OK, but I need to tell you..

Sister: I said, later.

(Sister leaves as brother enters.)

Brother: Hey Dorkbreath, did you tape that Christmas special I told you to tape?

Jane: No, but I did copy the instructions on how to work the VCR and taped them to your door.

Brother: Oh, that’s just great. Now I’m going to be late for my Christmas program rehearsal.

Jane: Hey, I just remembered something I need to tell you. Someone is coming who you will want to see!

Brother: What, are mom and dad having girls come to interview for a new sister in your place? That would be exciting!

Jane: Shouldn’t you be at practice already? I’m sure the program would fall to pieces without Shepherd #6.

Brother: It is an important part.. I.. Have to go.

(Brother exits; father enters.)

Jane: Hey dad, sis wanted me to tell you she went to vandalize Christmas Tree Lane.

Father: Alright, as long as she’s not with that punk Joey. Any news before I go?

Jane: It seemed like there was something to tell you, but I can’t think of it now.

Father: Well, I have to go to the mall, to pick up a gift for your mother. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. See, you later Jane.

Jane: OK, see ya, Dad.

(Jane sits down to read. Knock at the door. Jane opens the door.)

Jane: Uncle Joshua!

Uncle Joshua: Hi Janey! Where is everybody? Didn’t you tell everyone I was coming?

Jane: I’m sorry, Uncle Joshua. I guess when we get so busy at Christmas, no one had time to listen to news, even good news.

Uncle Joshua: You know, at one time angels brought the best Christmas news. But don’t forget that spreading the Good News is up to us. We can’t get too busy to do that.

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