Monday, December 8, 2008

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Here's a game that no one wanted. Except you, maybe.

At a recent medical convention, Dr. Brown the cardiologist, Dr. Jones the ophthalmologist, and Dr. Smith the podiatrist got into a rather silly argument about which of their specialties was more glamorous. The argument became even sillier when they tried to resolve it on the basis of whether more movie titles featured the heart, eye or foot more. Unfortunately (but not for their patients), the good doctors have spent more time with their medical books than in the multiplex. They could only remember a few details about the movies, but not the titles. So it will be up to you to decide whether Brown (the heart doc), Jones (the eye doc), or Smith (the foot doc), won the argument. (For an example, we will use one of the many films they forgot to mention. “In 1965, Vincent Price, the mad scientist, went to the beach.” The answer is Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. That point would have gone in the column of Dr. Smith the podiatrist.)
1) In 1984, Kevin Bacon taught a town to dance.
2) In 1995, Pierce Bronsnan takes over as James Bond.
3) Mel Gibson won the 1995 Oscar for this Scotsman’s tale.
4) In 1984, this farm film not only won her an Oscar, it proved Hollywood liked Sally Field.
5) In this 1980 film, Robin Williams ate spinach.
6) In 1954, Humphrey Bogart dealt with an unshod gentlewoman.
7) In 1998, Nicolas Cage had a bad throw of the dice.
8) In 1987, Robert DeNiro gives Mickey Rourke the devil.
9) In 1933, James Cagney joined the illuminated line.
10) In 1978, the Bee Gees were no Beatles.
11) In 1996, Sean Connery gave voice to a mythical beast.
12) In 1934, Shirley Temple shone.
13) In 1972, Charles Grodin was not the ideal newlywed.
14) In 1989, in Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar, but not in the “right” film.
15) In 2001, J Lo was heavenly.
16) In 1982, this Frederick Forest/Teri Garr musical lost Francis Ford Coppola a lot of money.
17) In 1986, Clint Eastwood starred in the greatest Grenada war film.
18) In 1977, John Wayne’s son Patrick played the a mythical hero seeking Rocky’s inspiration.
19) In 1986, Meryl Streep did not have a recipe for successful marriage to Jack Nicholson.
20) In 1983, Bonnie Bedelia was driven (but a driver).

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