Monday, January 17, 2011

Top Ten Movie Theater Experiences: #10

I appreciate the benefits of the digital revolution has had on the movie experience. It's great to have more movies, especially old, classic films available in the home. But there can be something special about going to the movies. Some of my favorite experiences have been in movie theaters (or drive-in.) Thus this list.
This is a personal list, and as the first film on this list makes clear, the film doesn't have to be great for it to make the list.

#10) OUTLAND - 1981 -(Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater) - This Sean Connery science fiction remake of HIGH NOON is no great shakes. It's entertaining but I remember it having a loose grip on how gravity, vacuums and other scientific principals work. Like many films by Peter Hyams (Timecop, Capricorn One, The Star Chamber) there is decently directed action and a plot with ludicrous conspiracies, but the film isn't what puts this on the list.

It's on the list because of the history the theater. Built in 1927, the art deco style of the place is cool. But it's real fame comes from the foot and hand prints in the cement which started with Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks and went on to include everyone from John Wayne to R2D2.

I've been there other times (once when Michael Landon was filming an episode of "Highway to Heaven".) But this was the only time I've seen a film there. I went with my brother Dale. The screen was large, the picture was clear and the sound system was good.

Better than the film was one of the trailers. This was the first time I saw footage of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Seeing the trailer, I thought the film had potential. (My first viewing of "Raiders" with family and friends sitting next to my sister-in-law Carol almost made this list. The film itself is certainly in my top ten.)

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