Sunday, March 6, 2011

Airport Skit

Here's a skit I wrote for tonight's church dinner with a travel theme. Y'all feel free to use it.

Airport Setting

Roxanne: Dean! I didn’t know you were flying out today!

Dean: Yeah, well, my flight was delayed. With security and all, it can take so long these days.

Roxanne: These days it’s really smart to pack light, to get through security and baggage check.

Dean: I always pack light these days. I don’t bother packing shampoo and soap because the hotels already have it.

Roxanne: I learned from Survivor I don’t need to pack a toothbrush. I can always find twigs that you can fray to provide good dental hygiene.

Dean: I found if I bring a small deck of my cards, I don’t need to bring my lap top computer. I just use it to play solitaire anyway.

Roxanne: I don’t need to pack books anymore. I download books to my phone.

Dean: I don’t pack a hair dryer. I just stick my head out of the rental car where ever I’m going.

Roxanne: I don’t pack jewelry. I learned to make darling ear rings out of baggage claim checks.

Dean: I don’t bring T-Shirts. I’m going to buy souvenir shirts anyway, so I just where those.

Roxanne: I don’t pack nylons anymore. I bring along silk worms. They don’t take any space. They weave darling panty hose.

Dean: Why do you need a coat when there is always local game you can hunt for furs.

Roxanne: You can make such cute skirts from the local grasses.

Dean: Most places you go in the world you can find sheep and you can use their wool to make great sweaters.

Kid 1 (dragging trunk): Roxanne, you forgot your luggage.

Kid 2 (dragging bigger trunk): Dean, you don’t want to leave without this.

Roxanne: It’s lighter than it looks.

Dean: Mine too.

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