Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Quick Review of the Film "Locke" (2014 - written and directed by Stephen Knight)

A class action lawsuit might be in order for all those who bought this film based on the blurbs on the DVD box. "Explosive and flat-out thrilling" says the Wall Street Journal. "A powerhouse of suspense" says Rolling Stone. Let's see what could rival these quotes in the realm of fantasy. Perhaps, "Carrot Top's Chairman of the Board exudes wit and intellectual rigor!" says the New York Times. How about, "Ben Affleck and JLo promise to be the next Bogart and Bacall based on their performances in Gigli" raves the TV Guide. Or "Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern finally brings comic book films into the realm of Bergman and Kurosawa!" says Highlights Magazine.

The film is just so picking dull. Tom Hardy is an interesting actor, but phone book reading might have been better than watching and hearing him deal with family and job problems while he drives. And yes, that is the whole film, Hardy talking on the phone while he drives. If you are one of several Americans who finds soccer deadly dull, wait until you see a film sequence in which you get the thrill of a disembodied teenage boy recreate soccer highlights on the phone (tis not as exciting as that sounds.)

Don't listen to any critical raves, they are a siren's song.

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