Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bottom Five Films for 2015

I'm sure there may have been worse films, happy to have dodged them, but here are the five worst films I saw last year.

5) "Blackhat" Michael Mann has made great movies. Thor as a computer hacker was not one of them.

4) "Do You Believe?" was a bad Christian film. But it was almost worth it to see Maddie Hayes married to the 6 Million Dollar Man.

3) "Taken 3" - I was all for Liam's daughter rescue the first time around. The audience felt taken this time around.

2) "Pixels" - Adam Sandler crushes your childhood dreams of video games coming to life. The Anti-"Wreck It Ralph".

1) "Woman in Gold" - The Holocaust used as way to save Ryan Reynolds' career.

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