Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Top Ten Books of 2015

Favorite 2015 Nonfiction

You don't have to got much further than 'Black Lives Matter' to see the Civil War still matters.

Jesus said we should visit the prisoner. It's sometimes not an easy thing.

That other big boat sinking is also a fascinating story.

Orville and Wilber come across as two interesting men of integrity.

The main reason to read this is to laugh a lot. The other to be reminded that people you know are going through difficult things that they are afraid to share.

Favorite 2015 Fiction

You get Sherlock and Dr. Who stories in one place.

Non Fanny Brice, but an interesting story of the making of a sixties sitcom.

The TV show did not know how to end the story by Lindsay does. (As for that title...Spoilers!)

Is everyone on the train reading this? They have good reason to.

This book got hated on a lot. But as a quite imperfect father, I liked reading this part of Aticus Finch's story.

And why are these my top ten? I think the main reason is that these are the only ten things I read this year that were published in 2015.

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