Sunday, December 2, 2012

Second Day of Advent Skit-A-Day Week

At the Wayside Inn

Restaurant Staff:


(The host’s stand is to one side of the stage, while a table with four plates, four glasses and a water pitcher is center. The magi are dressed in robes, while the host and waitress can be in modern restaurant uniforms or in biblical attire)

(Magi talking as they approach the restaurant host)

Bela: I tell you, we should have turned right after Emmaus. This is going to add a day to our trip.

Sachnar: I still don’t see why we couldn’t have taken the same route we took to get here.

Melindus: We have gone over that again and again. Now remember, during the meal, do not mention Bethlehem or the Child.

Sachnar: You’re paranoid, Melindus. Herod does not have spies here.

Host: That will be a table for four?

Melindus: Yes, a table for four. Just four wise…I mean, business people from the East. But not the Far East. Just on a typical little trip, you know, a little sight-seeing, a little…

Host: Hands washed or unwashed seating?

Bela: Either would be fine.
Host: This way, please.

Sachnar: If only we had kept something so we could eat in a decent place. Did we have to give away all our gold, frankincense and myrrh?

Hatkova: I still am amazed at what we have seen and heard. I tell you the world will not be the same since…

Melindus: Hush, here comes the waitress.

Waitress: Here are your menus; notice we do have a bread and fish special tonight.

(Magi look at menus)

Sachnar: What kind of choices are these? What I’d give for a ham sandwich!

(Waitress looks shocked)

Melindus: As if our clothes and camels don’t draw enough attention to us… do be quiet, Sachnar.

Bela: Just bring us all the bread and fish special.

Waitress: Yes, sir.

Bela: We must stop this bickering. Melindus, you could worry a little less. But we must be prudent. I was foolish to take us to see King Herod in Jerusalem. But I thought if anyone could tell us where the Star was leading, it would be someone in the capital, Jerusalem.

Hatkova: It was a wise choice, Bela. Their priests did give us the words of their prophets, “And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah, are by no means the least among the leaders of Judah, for out of you shall come forth a ruler, who will shepherd my people Israel.” But I think He will rule more than Israel.

Melindus: Then Herod told us to go to Bethlehem to find the Child, and then told us to report back to him so that he too could worship the Child. But the liar just wanted to know where the new King was so he could kill Him.

Sachnar: Now how do you know he wanted to kill the Child?
Melindus: Because of the dream. I know you had the same dream, Sachnar, that I had, and that Hatkova and Bela had. The voice of God told us in the dream not to go back to Herod and to go home a different way.

Sachnar: Maybe it wasn’t the voice of God. Maybe we had the dreams because of bad fish.

Hatkova: You know better than that, Sachnar. We have heard the voice of God. And we have seen God in the face of that Child.

Sachnar: And that’s another thing. Do you really believe that little Boy we saw was a King, let alone God? He looked like any other child, cried when hungry like any other child, needed his diaper changed like any other child….

Hatkova: But don’t you see, that’s the wonder of it all! If what his mother and father say is true, and I believe it, then this Child is like any other and unlike any other. The woman said she had known no man, and that God Himself is the Father of the Child. Therefore the Child is God Himself, living among us.

Waitress: (with plates of food) Your orders, sirs. And excuse me, sir, but I could not help but overhear you earlier. Do you have word about the Messiah?

Sachnar: Don’t worry, we were just joking here.

Hatkova: It is not a joke. We have wonderful news.

Melindus: We know nothing about your Messiah, and you can go back to your master, Herod, and tell him we found nothing and we will never disturb him again.

Bela: Quiet, you fool. This is not a spy. Why, young lady, do you want to know?

Waitress: My people have been waiting for generations for the Messiah to save us from the Romans and tyrants like Herod. Do you think He may have come to save my people?

Bela: Yes, dear girl. But if my friend Hatkova is right, this Child Jesus will not just save your people. If, indeed, the true God who made all things now lives among us, then He is here to save all people. So spread the word among your people. And we will return to our land to share the good news with our people.

Waitress: Thank you, thank you, sir. I will tell my family. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news. (She leaves)

Melindus: Are you sure we are safe sharing this news?

Sachnar: And telling people back home…what if they think we’re mad?

Hatkova: God has allowed us to hear His voice and see His face. I don’t think it would be safe or sane to keep this news to ourselves.

Bela: Yes, Hatkova. This is wonderful news we have. And it wouldn’t be right to keep it to ourselves. Everyone who knows about Jesus should share this joy with the world.

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