Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Plot synopsis: The doorman of what they call “Turnbull Hall” informs the Partridges that the phone and electricity is out, so he had no idea they were coming and there is no food in the mansion. Laurie finds the doorman, Duke, quite “dreamy”. Shirley arranges the bedrooms. Duke informs them that the place used to be known as “Satan Hall”.********************************************************* Character Development: Laurie keeps a journal. Keith and Danny share a room. Shirley stays with Chris and Tracy. Apparently, Laurie alone gets a room of her own. Laurie considers Duke the doorman, “Relevant”.************************************************************************** Relevant Cultural Issues: “Spirituality” Laurie not only considers “Duke” to be “relevant” but also “alive” and “So aware of his existence”. ********************************************************* Hip Slang: “Copped out”, “Cat” and “Yo-yo” (as in “The cat that owned this place was a yo-yo.”) Contemporary Cultural References: Dracula, Lurch, the Adams Family (assumed residents of the mansion.) Clint Eastwood, David McCallum, Dustin Hoffman, Steve McQueen, Michael Caine and Jack Lord (all pin-ups on Laurie’s wall.) Paul McCartney – the apex of dreamy. ************************************************************************************ Favorite sentence of chapter:”Shirley’s visions of a pleasant stay in this house as they prepared for the Larkland Rock Festival vanished in a flash – a purple flash of mingled disappointment and rage.”

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