Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Plot synopsis: Laurie recaps in her mind the departure of Duke and his gang and the arrival of the helicopter. The Partridges greet Laurie, then Jerry Jingo as he emerges from his helicopter. Jingo greets the Partridges and admits to being a fan of their music. Jerry brings food from his helicopter and they prepare and eat a more substantial breakfast. Jingo admits that he was scouting out “Satan Hall” as a location for his new film. Laurie gives him a tour of the mansion. Meanwhile, Duke and his gang rest in a new hiding spot in the woods, waiting for fellow gang member, “Indian” to join them. Indian returns, and brags about letting the gas out of the Partridge bus. Duke heads back to the mansion to retrieve his bike.************************************************ Character Development: We learn Jingo is actually 23 years old, not 20 as his publicity falsely states. Laurie is grateful to her mother for letting her give the handsome Jingo the tour of the mansion. Danny is impressed with Jingo’s income (1 million a picture and 10% of the gross.) Duke and Indian are both tough guys.*********************************** Relevant Social Issues: The Power of Media (Laurie brags, “We’re goin to make a picture. Someday. And it will be a big, beautiful thing. With music and romance. Something that will talk to all the kids of the world.”)******************************************* Hip Slang: “Cool it!” and Jingo says, “Well, I’ll be blowed!” (An expression I’m glad never really caught on.)****************************************************** Contemporary Pop Culture References: Jingo starred in “Love My Green Beret”, which may have been inspired by John Wayne’s “The Green Berets”**************************************** Favorite sentences: “The wonder mounted – this was no policeman!” and “In his mind revolt was forming. Some would call it mutiny.”

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