Friday, June 15, 2012

"The Partridge Family #2: The Haunted Hall"

For no good reason whatsoever I’ll start tomorrow with a chapter by chapter synopsis of this 42 year old novel, but I’ll whet appetites with appetites with the copy from the cover of the paperback: Front cover: “Curtis Books: It’s a real spook-out – when rock’s coolest supergroup invades a mansion filled with ghosts – and deadly danger! The Partridge Family #2 The Haunted Hall Read the novel by Michael Avallone See the hit Screen Gems-TV series starring Shirley Jones” Back Cover: "IS THIS ANY WAY TO HAUNT A HOUSE? YOU BET IT IS! Take five spirited kids and one groovy mom (who just happen to be the coolest group in rock). Put them in a deserted mansion sit deep in the woods. Add assorted creepy ghosts, a smattering of sinister secrets, and enough danger to frighten King Kong. What so you get? A super-swinging saga of suspense starring rock's first family - THE PARTRIDGES!SEE THE SCREEN-GEMS TV SERIES STARRING SHIRLEY JONES"

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