Wednesday, June 27, 2012

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY #2: THE HAUNTED HALL Chapter #8 “Laurie’s Heroes”

Plot Synopsis: Laurie gives Jerry Jingo a tour of the mansion, the attic particularly Jingo thinks will work well for his next movie. The Partridge’s agent, Reuben Kincaid arrives at the Mansion. Duke returns to the mansion for his bike and lets the gas and tire air out of Rueben’s car. J. Watterson Turnbull starts a fire in the basement.************************ Character Development: Jerry Jingo is very, nice person (according to Laurie.) Shirley had a “very clear, very sweet voice”. Laurie thinks nothing can go wrong with Rueben Kincaid in charge.********************* Relevant Social Issues: “The Mentally Ill” Pyromaniacs shouldn’t be given access to matches. “Movie Special Effects” Apparently, movie makers must find house with creaky floors and cobwebs, because special effects crews can’t replicate such things themselves.*************************************** Hip Slang: “Just A-1” ******************************** Relevant Pop Culture References: “Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl” is sung by Turnbull begins to start the fire (This song, with lyrics such as “For tomorrow I’ll merry, merry be” was sung in the movie “The Lady Eve”.)*********************** Favorite Sentences: “He climbed aboard, revved the engine and the bike shot forward, putt-putt-putted, blasting the silence, and zooming into action.” “Orange flame licked up the length of the drapes, touched the gause-like curtains and they billowed out magically in flames.”

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