Thursday, June 21, 2012


Plot synopsis: Laurie remembers the evening in the bed in her room in Turnbull Mansion. Duke scavenged chicken soup and bread and all had a good time around the table. All then went to bed except Duke who said he was going to town on his motorcycle. After midnight, Laurie is awakened by the sound of fiendish laughter. Laurie screamed and ran to her mother’s room, but no one else seemed to have heard the sound. Meanwhile, we find out Duke didn’t go to town, but is squatting in the attic with four other young adults. Duke is not the doorman or caretaker of the house. They seem to be musicians (they have guitars, banjo, tambourines, and bongos) also in town for the Larkland Rock Festival. But they are in the house without permission. ************************************************************************************ Character Development: Shirley looks nice when she laughs. Relevant Social Issues: “The Vietnam War” – Keith, Danny and Duke discuss “whether or not it is right to fight in Southeast Asia.” Hip Slang: “dig this scene”, “split out of here”, and “cats”. *************************************************************************************Pop culture references: Two brand names: Honda motorcycles and Hilton Hotels. Favorite sentence: “No phone, no electrical lighting, cut off from civilization itself, as it were.”

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