Wednesday, October 10, 2012


1) PLOT SYNOPSIS – Peter and Jan are unable to get off the subway until the Central Park stop. They wait fifteen minutes and when no one shows, Peter gets the bright idea of looking for a police officer in Central Park. It’s getting dark and Peter and Jan wander further in the park and then accidently split up. As they look for each other, they get more lost. Then they see two men and run from them. Peter throws his camera at one of the men. The men catch Jan and Peter and they turn out to be cops. After much telephoning and snacks, the cops get a hold of Mike at Kent’s house. The police say they will develop Peter’s film to see if the men in the photos are wanted…… 2) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – Peter and Jan wandering aimlessly in the darkening Central Park shows unexpected levels of cluelessness. …… 3) RELEVANT CULTURAL ISSUES – Technology – Mike is surprised that the cops might be able to find out information about the men in Peter’s photos from the west coast overnight. One of the police officers explains, “Listen, everything is done by electronics today.”……. 4) HIP SLANG – “Bimbos” (Police officer referring to crooks), “You’re darn tootin’” (police officer)…… 5) CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL REFERENCES - Daniel Boone (Peter) and “one of those dectectives in a good movie” (Peter)…… 6) FAVORITE SENTENCE – “After several more minutes of wandering aimlessly, they began to get a little worried.”

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