Saturday, October 6, 2012


1) PLOT SYNOPSIS: Kent offers to drive his daughter, Alice and all the Bradys in his “mini-bus” into the city. Mike and Kent go to the architect’s convention. Darlene (with her learner’s permit) takes over driving duties for sightseeing. They go to the Empire State Building, the UN, shopping, an automat, Central Park and the zoo. (Greg and Marcia want to go to “the museum”, but which museum is never specified and they decide to go another day.) At the zoo, two different men than were following them before, follows the Bradys. They leave angrily when Peter takes their picture..... 2) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Greg wonders if he’s falling in love with Darlene. Kent was depressed after the death of his wife, but Darlene says he perked up once he heard his old college friend Mike was coming out with his family. Alice flirts with a sailor at the zoo..... 3) RELEVANT CULTURAL ISSUES: The United Nations – the Bradys are impressed by the diversity when a “pretty Chinese girl” give them a tour and then they see a “tall, dark African delicate” in decorative robes and an Indian woman in a sari. Driving – Greg and Darlene debate about whether drivers are worse in New York or California (Greg insists that if you can drive in California, you can drive anywhere, “even on the moon”.)..... 4) HIP SLANG: “Go ape” (Peter), “dug this girl” (Carol), “digs me” (Greg), “goner” (Alice), “eat her up” (Alice)..... 5) CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL REFERENCE: Saks 5th Ave. and Bergdorf Goodman (where Marcia insists on shopping), songs – “East Side, West Side” and “New York, New York, a heck of a town” (both songs are sung in chorus by everyone in the minibus except Mike and Kent..... 6) FAVORITE SENTENCES: “Everyone joined in on that one because its infectious tune swept them all up in its catchy mood.” “She could recognize the tell-tale signs of emotional interest on Greg’s part.”

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