Friday, October 12, 2012

“THE BRADY BUNCH IN THE NEW YORK MYSTERY” by Jack Matcha Chapter 10 (the final chapter)

1) PLOT SYNOPSIS: Mike gets a call from the police to let them know that they used Peter’s photos to track the crooks and they were arrested “red-handed” while trying to rob the Los Angeles bank with Mike’s bank plans in their possession. The entire family is featured in a story in the New York Daily News and Peter’s photos are featured. The New York police throw a luncheon in honor of the Bradys. The Bradys return to LA, where they are greeted by the President of the bank with gifts for the Brady children. Mike also wants to honor the kids from saving him from professional embarrassment, so he takes them to “the best restaurant” in L.A. and Disneyland….. 2) CHARCTER DEVELOPMENT: The Brady kids are described as “not being able to keep up with events” when the event consist of the police lunch, a tour of police headquarters and then a movie at Radio City Music Hall. Peter earns the nickname, “Scoop”. The crooks were thrown off guard by Peter’s amazing photographic skills. (One crook mentions that his “nephew couldn’t take pictures of the side of a barn.”)….. 3) RELEVANT CULTUAL ISSUES: Sexism – Peter is interviewed by a “girl reporter”, Geography – a policeman reminds Mike that L. A. is “an enormous city”, Technology – a policeman informs Mike that the pictures were sent by wire which is “much faster than mail”…….. 4) HIP SLANG: “Surprise” – this word must have an utterly different meaning in this book than I’m used to as seen in this passage about Darlene’s plans to visit the Bradys on her Christmas vacation: Darlene to Greg– “I’ll make sure we come to California. I hope that will be a pleasant holiday surprise for you. Will it be?” Greg to Darlene – “Boy will it! I can’t wait! That will be the surprise of the year!”…….. 5) CONTEMPORARY CULTURAL REFERENCES: “Magnificent Six” is what the police call the Brady kids, apparently referring to Western film. The Brady go to Radio City Music Hall and see “a funny movie and the high kicking Rockettes”………. 6) FAVORITE SENTENCE: “When the policemen in L.A. caught these guys red-handed, the ringleader turned disgustedly to the others and said, ‘If I ever get a camera in my hands I’m going to bust every one of your stupid skulls with it.’”…….. AND SO CONCLUDES THE BRADYS EXCITING ADVENTURE! I’D LIKE TO THANK THE GOOD, PERHAPS NOW DECEASED, PEOPLE AT TIGER BEAT PRESS FOR MAKING THIS LITERARY SENSATION POSSIBLE!

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