Thursday, November 15, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” A Hannah Montana Novel (#18 in the Disney series) Chapter #1

1)Plot Synopsis: Miley Stewart wasn’t just “an everyday Malibu high school student”; she was also Hannah Montana, “one of the biggest pop stars in the world”. Usually her schedule was full – going to school weekdays and performing weekends. But Miley/Hannah uses one of her rare Saturdays off to reflect on her romantic life. Six months previous, Jake Ryan, teen actor had revealed to Hannah Montana (a guest star on his television show), that he liked a girl at his school, Miley Stewart. Then Miley (or was it Miley as Hannah, it really wasn’t very clear) kissed Jake, but Jake then went off to shoot a movie in Romania for six months, angering Miley/Hannah.On this free Saturday, Hannah goes with her friend, Lilly Truscott to the beach. At the beach, Lilly happens to read in a tabloid that Jake is returning to “town” for a movie premiere. (Apparently, Malibu is where they do film premieres now.) As Miley bad mouths Jake for leaving her, Jake parachutes onto the beach right behind her. When Miley turns to see Jake, on bended knee, with a rose, apparently about to ask for forgiveness, Miley pours a smoothie on Jake’s head.

2)Character Development: So much is said just in naming of the characters. Miley’s friend, “Truscott” brings to mind, “True Scout”, obviously a stalwart companion. But the narrator makes it clear that Miley just hangs out with Lilly because she doesn’t have a boy friend. “Jake Ryan” brings to mind many manly film characters. And “Montana” is a vast, empty space, as can be found between this character’s ears. Miley drinks strawberry-pomegranate smoothies.

3)Relevant Cultural Issues: When can a pop superstar/ordinary have any free time?

4)Hip Slang:Miley says about her feelings about Jake’s return to town, “Big whoop!” “Zero. Zilch. El zippo.”

5)Contemporary Cultural References:Jake stars in the TV show, “Zombie High” and in the film, “Teen Gladiators and the Sword of Fire.”

6)Favorite Sentence: “It was one major drawback of being talented, fabulous, and internationally known."

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Seungmina said...

How is it that this almost seems more outdated and out of touch than the Partridge Family?