Sunday, November 25, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel by M. C. King Part 2 Chapter 2

1) Plot Synopsis: Miley tells Lilly and Oliver she told Jake about Hannah. Miley goes to the movies with Jake who gets the star treatment (moved to the front of the line, autograph requests, etc.)

2) Character Development: Jake is accustomed to being treated like a star and likes it (instead of going to the snack bar for a drink, he says loudly, “I’m thirsty” and drinks are offered to him.) Miley doesn’t like it that he likes it.

3) Relevant Cultural Issues: Jake is given free admittance to the movies because he is a movie star. It is true that those who can most afford to pay for things are most often given free stuff. The anti-soda craze: at a movie theater, the drinks offered to Jake are: water, fruit juice and ice tea.

4) Hip Slang: “Why don’t y’all take a picture? It’ll last longer.” Miley says this to fans staring at her and Jake. They then take pictures.

5) Contemporary Cultural References: Um…Movies?

6) Favorite Sentence: “Helicopters, movie stars, forbidden love – it’s all so romantic,” Lilly says dreamily.

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