Friday, November 23, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel by M. C. King Part 1 Chapter 8

1)Plot Synopsis: Jackson renames his shack as “Jackson and Oliver’s Cheeze Jerky”. His menu was streamlined to no longer sell anything except beef jerky dipped in melted processed cheese. The new item is quite popular and Jackson’s business for the day flourishes while Rico’s business languishes. Rico plots.

2)Character Development: Natasha, Rico’s assistant who helped get Jackson fired, enjoys Jackson’s Cheezy Jerky.

3)Relevant Cultural Issues: Economic theory takes a beating again. The narrator postulates that every Jackson earns would have gone to Rico. But this assumes a finite cash pool, when Jackson’s business might , in fact, attract new customers that might buy Jackson’s artery threatening confection and then buy some of Rico’s overpriced water.

4)Hip Slang: Cheeze Jerky.

5)Contemporary Cultural References: Rico rubbing his hands together like all those maniacal villains do in the movies.

6)Favorite Sentence: “Rico stared at the sticky mess of dried meat and processed cheese and wrinkled his nose.”

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