Saturday, November 17, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” A Hannah Montana Novel by M. C. King Chapter 2

Plot Synopsis: Jake sends Miley many gift baskets with apology notes. Jake appears at door in suit of armor and says he will leave Miley alone if she says she has not thought of him. Miley can not. She asks if they can go out that night. Jake says he has to go to his movie premiere with his female co-star that he must pretend to be dating. Miley hits Jake on the head with a salami from a gift basket.

2) Character Development: Miley’s father worries about gaining weight from all the food in the gift baskets. Miley has a sore wrist from signing for all the gift baskets.

3) Relevant Cultural Issues: Jake admits he must kiss his co-star/fake date. How far is too far?

4) Hip Slang: Mr. Stewart – “One muffin away from my easy-fit jeans.”

5) Contemporary Cultural References: None, unless you count for some odd reason candy corn or steaks from the Malibu Prime Meat Company.

6) Favorite sentence: “You’ve dumped stuff on me, you’ve yelled at me but the one thing you haven’t done is tell me you don’t care.”

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