Tuesday, November 20, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel by M. C. King – Part One Chapter 5

1)Plot Synopsis: Lilly goes to Miley’s for breakfast toting many tabloids with pictures of Miley with Jake. Ashley and Amber, Miley’s sworn enemies show up at Miley’s door wanting to make nice.

2)Character Development: Miley feels her life has not changed, “other than having the best boyfriend ever” but A & A make her wonder if that is true. Miley’s regard for Jake as scum turned so suddenly to adoration make one wonder again about her mental stability.

3)Relevant Cultural Issues: Ashley and Amber have a cool list ranking all the kids in school (with Lilly and Miley usually inhabiting the bottom of the list.) At other schools, is this a thing?

4)Hip Slang: “BFF” – what A & A refer to Miley as in this chapter.

5)Contemporary Cultural References: Going to the mall.

6)Favorite Sentence: “Mean girls say what?”

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