Saturday, November 24, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel Part 2 Chapter1

1) Plot Synopsis: After Miley told Jake she was also Hannah, she waited for a response. Jake told her he liked Miley and Hannah, so he was okay with it. As they were about to kiss, a paparazzi helicopter swooped over head. Jake and Miley argued about whether the copter was there for Jake or Hannah. Then Miley realized that if there were pictures of Hannah and Jake, people would think Jake was cheating on Miley. So they ran and hid behind Rico’s Shack.

2) Character Development: Jake and Miley argue about which of them is a bigger star.

3) Relevant Cultural Issues: Underlining issues of sexism as Jake seems to assume that he, as a male, is a bigger star than Hannah, who is female. Or maybe Jake thinks movies are more relevant than music. Or maybe they’re both egomaniacs.

4) Hip Slang: “Seaweedy” – as in, when Oliver heard that Miley is Hannah Montana, his complexion was a little “seaweedy”.

5) Contemporary Cultural Issues: Dixie Chicks – Jake, after learning that Miley is Hannah, wonders if she has any other secrets, like also being the Dixie Chicks.

6) Favorite Sentence: “But no sooner had their lips touched than a deafening whirring came from over-head.”

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