Monday, November 19, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel by M. C. King Part 1 Chapter 4

1) Plot Synopsis: Miley, Lilly and Mr. Stewart watch the red carpet festivities of Jake’s new film. In a national television interview with Jake and his co-star, Marissa Hughes, Jake reveals he loves Miley. Miley goes to the theater to greet him. Jake kisses Miley and the tabloids photograph the event.

2) Character Development: Miley’s dad places enjoying a good steak over Miley’s feelings. Miley feels calling Jake on the phone wouldn’t be romantic. Jake only admits to loving Miley when he accidently uses her name rather than Marissa’s.

3) Relevant Cultural Issues: The lack of privacy for stars in today’s tabloid world.

4) Hip Slang: “Cheeseball” – Miley’s description of interviewer Brian Winters. “Ginormous” is used to describe Jake’s smile.

5) Contemporary Cultural References: The “S-Channel” (for Star Channel) watched by the Stewarts. A DVR is used by Miley to watch Jake’s love confession over and over again.

6) Favorite Sentence: “She was sure there were other ‘S’ words that described Jake Ryan, too, but she’d have to check the thesaurus later.”

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