Sunday, November 18, 2012

“Superstar Secrets” a Hannah Montana novel by M. C. King - Part 1 Chapter 3

1)Plot Synopsis – Much is not clear in this chapter. Miley’s brother Jackson is apparently working somewhere where water is sold. The writer doesn’t care to clarify if this is a restaurant, surf shop, deli or bodega. All we know is that water is sold there and people wax their surfboards there. A beautiful girl asks to buy a bottle of water after she waxes her surfboard. He tells her water costs $3 (which he thinks if overpriced.) The “hot” (in both senses, we are told) girl says she has only a dollar. Jackson says he will sell the bottle for a dollar (with the “employee discount”.) Jackson’s boss, Rico, climbs out of the girl’s surf bag and fires Jackson. Jackson thinks of starting his own place (Surf shack? Grocery store? Armory that sells water?)

2)Character Development – Jackson equates charging high prices with theft (might be a candidate for Occupy Wall Street.) Jackson’s boss, Rico, equates charging high prices with the American dream (perhaps a candidate for a fantasy boss of a member of Occupy Wall Street.)

3)Relevant Cultural Issues – The economic theory behind pricing products. The objectification of women (Jackson seems to judge the surfer girl by appearance only.)

4)Hip Slang – “Hot” for attractive. “IHOF” for “International House of Failure” (Rico’s description of what Jackson’s “Shack” would be.) “IHORPWAFAS” (for International House of Reasonably Priced Water and… Fries and Stuff”, the kind of place Jackson would like to open.)

5)Contemporary Cultural Issues – Um… Surfboards?

6)Favorite Sentence – “And as I said before, I’m so, SO hot.” Girl explaining why she should get her water for a dollar.

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